My primary responsibility as your local MP is trying to make sure the Government is doing the right thing, whether this is in response to the virus itself, or in the support it offers to businesses and individuals affected by lockdowns. 


In recent weeks, I voted against the renewal of the Coronavirus Act because I do not believe it is justifiable to extend its draconian powers.

I have again challenged Ministers on the details of Covid-related contracts which, contrary to what the Prime Minster told me in the House, have not all been made public.  As many as 100 Covid-related contracts up to early October remain unpublished.

I have continued to challenge the Government over the test, trace, isolate & support scheme which is still failing to deliver what was promised, even after £22bn of public money spent on it


I continue to question ministers about the response to the epidemic.  You can read my parliamentary questions, and ministers' replies, here https://www.carolinelucas.com/latest/questions-to-ministers-about-coronavirus

Since this crisis began, I have:

  • Taken part in 1:1 briefings with Ministers and Public Health England leaders to discuss their response to the crisis 
  • Challenged the Chancellor over the lack of support offered to millions of self-employed, freelancers and directors of small limited companies
  • Successfully campaigned for an extension to business rates relief for thousands of small businesses in Brighton
  • Called for more support for especially hard-hit sectors like hospitality, live events
  • Taken the Government to court over the failure to publish details of Covid-related contracts, as it is legally required to do - and won the case
  • Called for Long Covid to be officially recognised as an occupational disease with proper compensation paid to frontline workers who suffer from it
  • Campaigned for more funding for nursery provision in Brighton and Hove, where nurseries have been badly hit by the pandemic
  • Called for the release of all immigration detainees and for asylum seekers to have full recourse to public funds and the right to work.

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