“Housing is one of the main reasons constituents come to my regular MP surgery sessions. We all want where we live to feel like home, to feel safe and secure. That’s why I’ve made standing up for better and affordable housing a top priority since I was first elected” 
Caroline Lucas, MP

They've been priced out of the market thanks to the economic policies of successive Labour and Tory governments.

Caroline believes in making Brighton home:

  • Affordable housing, for everyone
  • Accountable Landlords
  • Energy efficient homes

Fighting sky-high prices

With the median house price in the city now standing at £375,000 (more than 12 times the median salary) and 16,000 people on the waiting list for social housing, many families have no choice but to rent their home from private landlords, too many of whom have no scruples about charging sky high rent for poor-quality housing.

We can’t go on like this.

Caroline believes in making Brighton home. In measures that will mean more people can rent or own a home at a price they can afford, and in making sure that letting agents and landlords are properly regulated.

A home for everyone

  • Fought for new investment in council housing and for council to be allowed to build the homes we need, where local people want them.  
  • Fiercly fought the sale of council housing
  • Supported innovative ways to get more homes built, from housing cooperatives to self-build
  • Demanded action to bring empty homes back into use

Protecting renters

  • Campaigned for smart rent controls and a Living Rent Commission to make renting a home affordable.
  • Championed action to protect the rights of tenants, backing a register of landlords to improve housing standards and make 5 year tenancies standard
  • Worked with MPs from other political parties on an amendment to the law that would ban letting agent fees

Decent homes

  • Led the parliamentary campaign to abolish the unfair bedroom tax
  • Launched a Housing Charter and introduced a Housing Bill in parliament based on local residents’ concerns
  • Campaigned for better national housing standards to be in the Energy Bill and worked with local groups to make homes warmer and drier

“That level of savings made a huge difference to me. I will be able to live a bit better, and can even afford to go out"
Diana Hinton-Davies, Whippingham Road, Brighton

Caroline is standing up for her constituents and working hard to ensure that decent, affordable homes become the norm.