We are one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world.  The latest State of Nature report revealed the rapid decline in our wildlife, with more than a quarter of mammals in Britain now facing extinction.

The nature and climate crisis are inextricably linked.  We need a healthy natural world if we are to have any chance of tackling the climate emergency.

We must urgently review the way we treat nature.  And we must be honest about how much we depend on it, not just for our food but also for our own well-being and ultimately our own survival.

The Green Party has always had the most ambitious policies on nature of any political party

  • more than 70 proposals in our last election manifesto
  • reducing pesticide and fungicide use
  • reforestation and rewilding
  • repurposing our economy so that human well-being and sustainability are indicators of success, not rising consumption and continuous GDP growth

We way we produce our food needs to change, away from the damaging use of pesticides and fungicides and an approach which leaves no room for nature.  We need a ten-year transition to agroecological farming, using subsidies to support farming methods and food systems which create jobs and restore ecosystem health, and the health of our soils and rivers.