“I believe in the British people. Which is why I do not believe they voted for the extreme form of Brexit adopted by this government. I don’t believe they voted to turn away from European values, from democracy or the rule of law. Or to cosy up instead to dictators and one-party states in return for dodgy trade deals.”
Caroline Lucas, MP

We're being let down by a Tory government that's driving through a dangerous brexit. 

Caroline believes that

  • An extreme brexit will be a disaster from Britain
  • Free movement is a precious gift that should be celebrated
  • We should stay as close as possible to Europe

Opposing Tory plans

Caroline has been steadfast in her opposition to Tory brexit plans. In particular she is standing against dangerous ambitions to rip Britain out of the single market and end freedom of movement. 

Proposing alternatives

From tabling amendments in Parliament, to writing reports - Caroline has been providing plenty of alternatives to the Government. In particular she is focused on:

- Ensuring that environmental rules and enforcement mechanisms aren't weakened

- Safeguarding the rights of EU nationals in Britain and British nationals in the EU

- Campaigning for the best deal possible for the businesses of Brighton and Hove. 

Working across party lines

Caroline is a member of the cross-party group on EU relations - and is working with MPs from across the political spectrum to deliver the best deal possible for Britain.