#PSHEBill Thankyou

In correspondence with me, she agreed that PSHE is "exceptionally important" and I hope we’ll have made real progress towards ensuring every child gets good PSHE by the time the Bill comes back to Parliament in February.
The grassroots support for statutory PSHE has been huge and thanks so much to everyone who has tweeted, taken a selfie or lent their backing in another way. You have made a real difference and helped secure such a positive response from the Secretary of State.
There’s been cross party support in Parliament too, with many MPs joining me to make the case that as well as including age appropriate Sex and Relationships Education, PSHE needs to include a wide range of subjects from life-saving CPR to how to be responsible with money.
And thank you to all the organisations that have been promoting statutory PSHE as well. Everyday Sexism, Mumsnet and Guideguiding have consistently backed compulsory and comprehensive Sex Education.  And now support for the PSHE Bill has come from a wide variety of organisations, including End Violence Against Women, NUT and NAHT, Stonewall and the Royal College of Nurses.
Lessons which help keep young people safe, healthy and happy and aid employability shouldn’t be an optional ‘bolt on’ – they’re critical, as is provision of proper support for the teachers leading them. Where good PSHE teaching happens, the benefits shine through - and I see that in schools like Patcham High in my Brighton constituency. 
Today was a step in the right direction and if we keep up the pressure together, in future I hope every child will get the PSHE they rightfully deserve.

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