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This focuses on the organisation’s new #ibacksmallbusiness campaign.
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Brighton & Hove’s economy so I was very pleased to attend to make sure that concerns put to me by constituency businesses were included in the discussion.
I was also delighted to become one of the FSB's parliamentary champions, and will continue to do all I can to support small and micro businesses in Brighton & Hove.
The manifesto c

Caroline: Divest Parliamentary Pensions

The assets of the Parliamentary Pension Fund amount to almost half a billion pounds (£487.051m)
Caroline has written, in a joint letter with

NUT 'is right behind' Caroline's #PSHEBill

  • National Union of Teachers General Secretary: “The NUT is right behind this important campaign”
  • Brighton school head: “Delighted that our MP has launched a Bill that reflects the work we have done”
Caroline will tomorrow call for PSHE to be made statutory in all state funded schools.
Her Bill to make

#PSHEBill Thankyou

In correspondence with me, she agreed that PSHE is "exceptionally important" and I hope we’ll have made real progress towards ensuring every child gets good PSHE by the time the Bill comes back to Parliament in February.
The grassroots support for statutory PSHE has been huge and thanks so much to everyone who has tweeted, taken a selfie or lent their backing in another way.

Caroline calls for MPs to join drug debate

Caroline said, "On 30th October, MPs will debate the motion which was supported by over 130,000 people last year when they signed my petition on the Number 10 website, calling for an urgent review of current drugs laws. We need to get as many MPs as possible to come to the debate - see this video to understand why."


Parliament in first drug policy debate for a generation

Earlier this year Caroline secured over 130,000 signatures on a petition calling for MPs to support an impact assessment and cost benefit analysis of the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act.
She successfully secured the debate with cross-party backing.
The three-hour Commons debate will take place this Thursday, following a morning briefing.
UK drug laws are over 40 years old.
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