Do we need a Nature Bill? Leading environmentalists join Caroline

  • Caroline: ‘Urgent need’ to reconnect children with nature
  • RSPB calls for introduction of a Nature and Wellbeing Act
  • Tony Juniper and Mark Avery among panel guests
  • Sandra Bell, Friends of the Earth: ‘Nature underpins our economy’
Some of the country’s leading environmentalists have joined Caroline for a panel discussion on whether Britain needs a Nature Bill – and what should be in it.
The event, chaired by Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, was entitled The Laws of Nature – what’s the best way to protect bees, badgers and buzzards?’
The Green Party is championing a Nature Bill and, as well as weighing up existing legislation, discussing the needs and considering the content, the panel looked at the importance of children learning about nature and how schools play an essential role in helping them reconnect with the natural world.
Caroline said: “The crisis of nature is a crisis for people and our economy too, because the natural environment is the foundation of our life support systems and livelihoods. That’s why we need a lot more honesty and a lot more radicalism when it comes to the role of the state in improving the state of nature.
“There’s an urgent need to reconnect people – not least our children – with nature and give people a meaningful say over their local environment.”
Leading British Environmentalist, Tony Juniper: “Nature is essential for health, wealth and security and we need clear policies so that all the values that nature provides remain intact.”
Writer and scientist Mark Avery said: “We voters need all political parties to take wildlife seriously. I hope the other parties will follow the lead of the Green Party.”
Richard Benwell, parliamentary programme manager with the RSPB said: “With 60% of UK species in decline no government will meet its social or economic objectives in the long term unless it acts to bind nature into the areas of life where you don't expect to find it. RSPB is calling on all political parties to introduce a Nature and Wellbeing Act to value, protect and connect people into our natural environment.”
Sandra Bell, nature campaigner for Friends of the Earth said: “There's mounting evidence that nature underpins our economy and we need every political party to commit to better protection of our existing wildlife sites and restoration of nature on a grand scale.”

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