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Why I'm proud to sponsor the Palestine recognition motion in the Commons

The vote is on a motion that I am proud to sponsor and which simply calls on the Government to extend the same recognition to Palestine as it already extends to Israel.
So far 134 out of 193 UN member states have formally recognised Palestine and Sweden recently announced it intended to grant recognition too.
Britain needs to show some leadership and be amongst the first Western European countries to recognise Palestine and its right to self-determination.
This vote will have no immediate bearing on Palestine’s

Caroline: make your voice heard

New digital initiative Note My Vote -  - enables the public to vote on legislation before MPs.
The newly-launched platform aims to bring the democratic process into the digital age and make it easier for constituents to share their opinions and get their voices heard in Westminster. 
Votes are broken down by constituency and there is also a national result.

Parliamentary recall and Iraq debate

Never more so than on a day like today, when MPs are deciding whether to carry out air strikes in Iraq against the so called Islamic State (ISIL).
Whatever we decide people will die. Be it directly at the hands of ISIL, whose barbarity seems to know no limits.

Caroline pays tribute to parents, governors and campaigners on no vote for school academy

“I'm delighted the governors have listened to the results of the parents’ ballot, and to the strength of feeling in the city.
"Hove Park School has become a fantastic success story.

Caroline: Why I'm joining the biggest ever Climate March

On Sunday, as the UN Climate Summit prepares to convene, tens of thousands of people worldwide will line their streets and demand ambitious action on the climate crisis from their leaders.
I’ll be standing beside 10,000 others in London for the People’s Climate March, supported by over 100 organisations.
Public appetite for urgent climate action

An open letter to the three party leaders

This letter is published on Left Foot Forward
Dear Party Leaders,
Whatever the outcome of today’s referendum about the future governance of Scotland, there seems to be a strong consensus that nothing will ever quite be the same again.

Healthy Public Services

When it was launched by the then minister of health, Aneurin Bevan, on July 5 1948, the NHS was based on three core principles:
  • that it meet the needs of everyone
  • that it be free at the point of delivery
  • that it be based on clinical need, not ability to pay
Sadly, under successive governments, these principles have been gradually eroded. Prescriptions, eye tests and dental care are no longer free.


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