Cut VAT on Tourism

Cut Tourism VAT campaign logo

During the last Parliament I was at the forefront of this campaign, securing a high profile parliamentary debate and working as vice-chair of a committee of MPs addressing this issue. I know that a reduction in VAT on tourism would make a real difference in Brighton & Hove, where the Royal Pavilion, the pier, the i360, the laines and other attractions mean that our city has some of the best places to visit in the UK. A cut would help create jobs, especially for young people. It would make a day out for local families more affordable and would provide another reason for people to take their holidays in the UK.

It’s not lost on those who run our city’s tourist attractions that other European governments are giving tax breaks to their equivalent attractions. Our tourism industry is – rightly – crying out for action on this issue.

Supporting a bold move such as reducing VAT on tourism is just one part of my plan to fight for our local tourism industry. If re-elected, I will carry on supporting the hospitality and tourism trade which is so important to the economy of Brighton & Hove.

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