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The Gibb report

The report identifies a serious lack of leadership to provide ‘system integrity’ – something that will come as no surprise to commuters affected by the Brighton mainline rail nightmare who’ve been left to pick up the pieces in their working and family lives.

Film the House

The creative industries are a success story in the UK, with UK film contributing over £4.6bn to GDP and supporting over 117,000 jobs. Here in Brighton we’re lucky to have one of the UK’s top 10 film schools, the Brighton Film School on London Road, which has nurtured talent in the city for just over 20 years. Brighton has also been the backdrop for several iconic films, not least Brighton Rock and Quadrophenia.

Carers Week

The Carers Centre works with anyone who looks after a partner, family, member or friend because of ill health, disability or old age. I recognise the amazing work that carers do and am always pleased to have the chance to support the Centre - I completely appreciate what a difference it makes to people’s lives.

Thank you

I'm honoured to have the opportunity to represent such an amazing constituency and am looking forward to getting back to work.

Supporting Brighton's pubs

This an opportunity to promote and celebrate Brighton’s breweries and pubs, which are an important part of our city’s economy but are under threat from restrictive contracts.

Cut VAT on Tourism

During the last Parliament I was at the forefront of this campaign, securing a high profile parliamentary debate and working as vice-chair of a committee of MPs addressing this issue. I know that a reduction in VAT on tourism would make a real difference in Brighton & Hove, where the Royal Pavilion, the pier, the i360, the laines and other attractions mean that our city has some of the best places to visit in the UK. A cut would help create jobs, especially for young people.

Independent Domestic Violence Advisors

Over four thousand domestic violence incidents and crimes were reported to the Brighton & Hove police in 2015/6. However, substantial numbers of people don't report such violence to the police and so the actual number of crimes is likely to be higher.

Save Our Schools - rally at the Level

I’ve blogged before about the cuts facing Brighton schools (see here and here) but they face such a crisis that I welcome any opportunity to keep these issues on the political agenda. Brighton & Hove schools are facing cuts of £193,425 per school, a shocking £487 per pupil, and at least one school in the city has had to consider cutting staff or even school hours.

Visit to the Foyer - and call to register to vote!

A number of residents have had a difficult start in life and could, for various reasons, struggle to get by in early adulthood. Foyer staff support them towards being equipped for independence and a better future.


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