Carers Week

pic from poster about Macmillan event

The Carers Centre works with anyone who looks after a partner, family, member or friend because of ill health, disability or old age. I recognise the amazing work that carers do and am always pleased to have the chance to support the Centre - I completely appreciate what a difference it makes to people’s lives.

Voluntary carers such as those recognised during Carers Week play an increasingly important role. The Government’s failure to invest in local authorities has put many in a desperate situation with no choice but to cut crucial services such as social care. This is a disgrace - proper social care should be non-negotiable and centrally funded. The Government must take responsibility and invest in councils, rather than pushing costs onto residents. Instead of bringing the social care system to its knees, the Government should be facing up to the simple fact that if we want good social care we need to pay for it.

Here in Brighton, to mark Carers Week the Macmillan Horizon Centre is holding an event on Friday where people can find out about the different types of support available for people caring for and supporting someone with cancer.

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