Wind price drop should be the 'nail in the coffin' for nuclear says Caroline

Caroline has said that the dramatic price drop for offshore wind should be 'the nail in the coffin' for new nuclear. 
Lucas' call come as the price for wind technology has fallen [1] far below that of nuclear, with a stike price as low as £57.50/MWh. Lucas said that 'this news should be the death knell for Hinkley'.
Caroline said:
"This massive price drop for offshore wind is a huge boost for the renewables industry and should be the nail in the coffin for new nuclear. While clean, green wind power has the potential to seriously cut people's bills - the Government's undying commitment to new nuclear risks locking us into sky high prices for years to come. Put simply, this news should be the death knell for Hinkley.
"The Government should now commit to this technology - and scale up investment in offshore wind so that it becomes the backbone of British energy. Such a move wouldn't just add to the thousands of jobs in the sector already, but would lock us into a low-carbon, low-price energy future that would benefit consumers and businesses for years to come."ENDS

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