Why I voted to Remain today

It’s been a long campaign and it’s nearly over. After months of statistics being thrown around – and misinformation on both sides – the time has come to make a decision.

Each of us will have our own reasons to vote one way or the other but, for me, Thursday is about who we are as a country: our ambition, our courage and our vision.

It was these values that helped create the European Union, and helped us emerge from the rubble and destruction of the Second World War into a nation that’s been at peace with its neighbours ever since. It’s been a miracle few would have dreamed possible when the bombs were raining down on British towns and cities in the middle of the last century.

We face new challenges today – from climate change and the refugee crisis to international terrorism. They cross borders and affect us all. I believe that we are stronger and safer if we work with our European neighbours to rise to these challenges.

Britain does need a Leave campaign now, but not the one we’ve been given. We need a campaign to leave behind the failed and broken policies that have allowed some to thrive, whilst people across the country are neglected and denied a voice. We need a campaign to leave behind the Britain where political insiders dress up as rebels and use Europe to distract from their failures, and to leave behind a world where weapons and money can go anywhere, but refugees are vilified and compassion chased out of town.

Let’s be clear: there is nothing anti-establishment about standing by posters of desperate people longing to be free, and pointing the finger of blame. It’s not Europe we should be turning our backs on but those stoking the fires of xenophobia and fear.

So, On 23rd June we all have a choice - to take back control of our country where hope is always more powerful than hate, and where our common humanity matters more than what divides us. And to celebrate our freedom to live, love, work, study and retire in 27 other countries.

The European Union isn’t just the devil that we know. It has brought about peace, and offers us the best chance of facing down the big challenges of the future.

Let's not tear it down. Instead let’s build bridges, so the future we pass to our young people is a greener, more peaceful, more prosperous one.

Please join me and Vote Remain on Thursday.


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24th June 2016 16:25
I like this - some of it was standing ovation worthy - especially the "hope is more powerful than hatred" part, which I used as the title of my own blog's response to the news about the vote. I hope that is OK. I also commend your alternative Queen's speech. If you'd like to read what I've written, it's here https://elspethr.wordpress.com/2016/06/24/1843/.
David Morgan-Jones
25th June 2016 0:25
Please please press for 2ND referendum
Karen R B Scott
25th June 2016 5:50
Dear Caroline, I am a Scottish 'immigrant' who lives in Brighton with her English wife. I am proud to be a citizen of the UK (for however long that remains true) as well as a proud Scot and proud European. I have always been employed, paid my taxes and never needed to use the social (as we say at home) and barely needed public health services.I rent, as the houses are way too expensive to buy round here. It does not worry me that I do not own a house. I am glad I have a roof over my head. I know that I have paid more into 'the system' than I have ever got out. As a socialist, I am proud, not embittered, of this fact.I would offer that I would be happy to pay more taxes, especially if future generations could have access to a free higher education, as I did. I work as a veterinarian in a local community and have done for the past 14 years. I have a vocation and I believe in community. I know I work tirelessly to do the best that I can can every day of my life, for the humans and the animals. Why do I tell you of this synopsis of me? I am telling this to someone who works tirelessly and for a good cause. A person of trust. Someone, like myself, who has intelligence, integrity, passion and, probably more important than ever, resilience. I have always voted for the Green Party (Ok I confess I voted for the Liberals when I lived in Scotland 20 years ago) and have been blessed and fortunate to have you as my MP. I saw you speak on the BBC yesterday morning, when I was crying about the reality of what the UK had voted for. I clapped and agreed with every word. Although I am in shock and I will not change my point of view, I will accept the democratic reality of this referendum vote. I want to thank you for speaking on behalf of me. I am in the '48'. Please do not give up in what you do. I have signed the petition for a second referendum. I am not alone.
Martin Hobbs
25th June 2016 20:12
Error rate in hand counted ballots is 2%. Does that make this referendum inconclusive? https://www.insidescience.org/content/even-careful-hand-counts-can-produce-election-errors/563
sandie armstrong
26th June 2016 9:56
Dear Caroline, I feel devastated and scared after the referendum result. I read your article in the Guardian about joining the campaign for PR and an elected second chamber and would like to find out more. I also read Paul Mason's article in the Guardian about building a coalition of progressives and socialists to campaign for progressive Brexit terms and stand up to the Right in this country https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jun/25/britain-rainy-fascist-island-progrexit-brexit?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Facebook. What do you think about his ideas for ProgExit? It is dependent on being led by the Labour Party and that is a problem, but do you see a way forward with this? I have been disillusioned by politics for years, but now I feel I cannot stand by any longer and watch the country being taken over by the forces of darkness. We need direction and leadership. Can you help? Warm regards, Sandie Armstrong, Hove
Brian Young
27th June 2016 19:21
I have signed the petition for another referendum. I was shocked at the result. On the day of the referendum there was a news item on the BBC about the number of people who have come to the UK over the last year was 500,000. I think that this would have had an adverse affect on the vote and would like to know what the purpose of putting this out on the day of the vote was.
Rod Haffenden
5th July 2016 9:46
So you want to overturn democracy. The people of this country have spoken and voted to leave. MP's that try to overturn this democratic vote are taking a very dangerous path and are not fit to represent the people. Get over it and work together in the best interests of the UK instead of all these negative comments.