Tories showing 'contempt for democracy' as they avoid vote on Universal Credit

Caroline has said that the Government is showing a 'contempt for democracy' as rumours [1] suggest they will attempt to avoid a vote on a parliamentary motion on Universal Credit today. 
Caroline, who used a point of order [2] in the House of Commons to raise the issue earlier today, said that ministers are 'discarding democracy'. 
She said:
"Failing to turn up to today's vote on Universal Credit would reveal a deep contempt for democracy from the Government. Ministers know that MPs from all sides are opposed to these changes which are pushing our constituents into hardship, destitution and debt.  Yet the Tories are ploughing ahead anyway, and discarding our democracy in the process. 
"Universal Credit threatens to force families in Brighton and Hove into poverty this Christmas - and I know that people in my city are living in fear of these changes. 
"This system has cruelty hardwired into it - the poverty it causes is no accident.  The Government should scrap the six week wait immediately and rethink this policy before it causes further pain for people already suffering the unjust benefits squeeze."
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