The Blind Tiger Club

I was shocked at the weekend to hear that the Blind Tiger Club, a much loved and well known live music venue on the border of my constituency has been issued with a Noise Abatement Notice, which jeopardises its ability to remain open.
I immediately contacted local councillors to ask for more background about the decision. I've been told that the local ward councillors, and the Chairs of the relevant committees at the Council, were not informed of the decision by council officers. Furthermore, they have not been contacted by local residents about noise nuisance issues linked to the club.
I have contacted Environmental Health officers at Brighton and Hove City Council to find out why the decision was taken to issue the notice. Unless there is evidence to suggest that noise from the club has been unreasonable, and that there is a widespread problem with noise nuisance affecting residents in the area, I think the decision to issue the notice should be reviewed. I’ve made this very clear to the lead council officer and asked him to get in touch immediately, as I know from the Club’s owner, with whom I have been corresponding, that the terms of the Notice are such that the club is to all extents and purposes now closed.
Problems with anti-social behaviour is something I'm contacted about a lot as an MP. It can be intolerable to experience night after night of noise nuisance, and I am happy to support my constituents seeking to resolve these kinds of issues. However, it’s important that a fair and balanced approach is taken, and I’m happy to try and find out more about the decision in this case.

I've asked the council to urgently update me on this matter, and have contacted the Blind Tiger Club directly too.

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