Syria: The Prime Minister has trampled over parliamentary democracy and risks escalating a deadly situation

In a joint statement, Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley, the co-leaders of the Green Party, have responded to Britain's airstrikes in Syria. 

They said: 

'The Prime Minister has trampled over parliamentary democracy by ordering these airstrikes without a debate and vote. Not only are these strikes likely to be ineffective in terms of deterring Assad, but they also risk further escalating an already deadly situation.

"For these attacks to have happened before OPCW inspectors have even been able to investigate the site is also deeply concerning."

'We should be cracking down on Russia through further sanctions and pursuing diplomatic channels - not rushing into bombing missions alongside a trigger happy US President. And Britain urgently needs to get its own house in order if we want to be a positive influence on the world stage. That means ending arms sales to Saudi Arabia, standing up to the aggresion of the Israeli Government and playing our part as a nation of peace building. 

'Theresa May must now bring a debate and vote to Parliament on Monday - and give MPs an unwhipped say on these strikes.' 

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