Student well-being and mental health

This week I hosted a Parliamentary Reception organised by Sussex University, which focused on the vital issue of student well-being and mental health.

Having recently met with Student Union Officers from both Universities in Brighton, I was reminded of the scale of the issue for many of young people in our city and why it is so that vital that we keep mental health high on the agenda in Parliament.

One in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year and we know that for students there are many unique pressures that can contribute to this. Pressure from studying; pressures from having to find work while studying  and, of course, pressures from student debt piling up. 

And of course for younger students, issues arising from leaving home and finding independence.

I see mental health cases at my surgeries on a regular basis and I am gravely concerned that the money the Government have announced for mental health is simply insufficient. 

It was great to meet staff and students from Sussex yesterday who made the case for an increase in investment in mental health research.  

We have many remarkable people working in our mental health services but they need the belief and support of those who can provide proper funding - with the right resources and support from the Government, the savings will come in the longer-term.

It was extremely helpful to have the opportunity to listen and to also learn from those evolving best practice to try and ensure our students are as happy and supported as possible.

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