"No one voted for a nightmare" - Caroline responds to no deal Brexit plans

Responding to the Government's technical notes setting out what would happen in the event of a no deal Brexit, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas MP said:

“Finally the Government has unveiled the costly reality of a no deal Brexit.

“With organic farmers and food companies prevented from exporting to our neighbours, our most sustainable food producers face a serious threat.

“The Government will suddenly have to find £3 billion a year to replace EU subsidies that keep farmers in business – but they've only promised this support until 2022. That's a perilous future to offer those working to put food on our tables.

“Everyone will face higher credit card costs and price hikes on EU goods. And we still have no idea what will happen at the Irish border.

“None of these costs appeared on Brexit buses back in 2016. No one voted for a nightmare scenario where the best we can hope for is a BLT and the Army not distributing food.

“It’s a democratic necessity that the public has a say on our collective future. We urgently need a People’s Vote on Brexit with an option to stay in the EU.”

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