My promise to Brighton Pavilion

In less than six weeks time people will go to the polls again, and choose the MPs to represent them in these turbulent times. I’m proud to be re-standing to represent Brighton Pavilion. 

My promise to this city remains the same: I will always put you first. Whether it’s campaigning for Britain to remain as close to the European Union as possible (and immediately guaranteeing the rights of EU nationals here), pushing for urgent solutions to the housing crisis, fighting for our NHS or defending our schools from funding cuts – I’ll keep standing up for Brighton.

In Parliament I’ll always be an independent Green voice – not constrained by the party whip but always looking to work across party lines on the issues that matter. I’ll support Labour when they are right, but not when I think they’ve got it wrong (when they failed to oppose cuts to disability benefits, for example, or supporting Trident, Hinkley and HS2) – and I’ll never be afraid to stand up for what matters, even if I’m in a minority.

I take inspiration from the city in everything I do. Whether it’s our thriving local communities, pioneering  local businesses, countless committed campaigners, or the thousands of students who come here to learn – I’m immensely privileged to have been twice elected as MP for Brighton Pavilion and I would be honoured to be trusted with your vote again.

In the coming weeks I’ll be laying out my key priorities here, but in the meantime I’m happy to answer any questions you have:

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