Let teachers teach

Michael Gove’s one track mind means he gets an A star for criticising and blaming teachers but for very little else. It’s no wonder some feel they have no option other than to take industrial action.

He is pushing forward with performance related pay despite there being no evidence that linking pay to performance motivates teachers. In fact there are plenty of experts who fear it has quite the opposite effect.

He is undermining pay structures, increasing pension contributions and asking teachers to work longer then get less on retirement.

At a time of pay freezes and high inflation, teachers are effectively being asked to take a pay cut.  These changes are not being made because of problems with teachers’ pension schemes but in order to raise money for the Treasury. They are effectively a tax on public service workers.

Teachers, along with parents and pupils, need to be fully listened to and supported. Otherwise, we end up with changes dictated by Whitehall that are detrimental to our schools and school children.

I’ve called on the Secretary of State again and again to engage with teachers but so far he’s refused to enter into proper negotiations over the details of the Government’s proposals. I’ll be doing all I can to keep on standing up for teachers here in Parliament and hope that today’s strike action will encourage the Government to at least sit down with teachers and start talking.


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