#IWD: Our strength when we work together should not be be underestimated

This year’s International Womens Day takes place in the context of some major setbacks. With an openly sexist man being elected into the White House and Britain leaving the many protections the EU has to offer women (after a campaign dominated by men on both sides), much of what we’ve fought for feels likes it’s at risk. There’s never been such an important time to be bold for the changes we require. Whether it’s rules which break open male-dominated workplaces, additional funding for domestic abuse centres or a Government which stands up to mysogyny in all its forms – this is no time to back away from demanding what’s right.

“I’m proud to represent a party with a tradition of women leaders – and which is now leading the way with the first jobshare leadership in Westminster politics. Such workplace arrangements – which allow a better balance between work, family and personal time – are increasing in popularity and should be available far more widely.  

“Though the last year has seen plenty of darkness, moments of light have continued to inspire me. From the Womens’ marches happening across the world, to the huge win for campaigners on PSHE recently – our strength when we work together should not be underestimated. This year we have to be bolder than ever – standing up to bullies and advocating for change at every possible opportunity.


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