Home Office visa decisions

Decisions that frequently keep married couples apart from each other, partners separated, and children away from their parents.

I was contacted by a local resident because the application for her husband to stay in the UK was refused. She's a British national, he's a Canadian firefighter. They are understandably distraught at the prospect of being apart. They have a 6 month old child, and it really is devastating news for them all as a family.

To rub salt into the wounds, a primary reason given by UKVI for refusing the visa was, “You have not raised any evidence as to why you would be unable to continue your relationship with your family using modern forms of communication”.

Now I appreciate that Skype is amazing, and I frequently use it myself to keep in touch with loved ones, it’s ludicrous to suggest being kept apart as a family, and having to rely solely on Skype calls and email to communicate and bond as a new family unit, is an acceptable way to maintain and develop a relationship. The reason for refusal is so absurd it's almost laughable, but sadly these are real people and real lives being affected.

I’ve blogged before about the Government’s immigration policy being based on myths and lies, and I maintain that’s the case. With other parties intent on trying to out UKIP UKIP, I fear that the human cost of senseless immigration decisions will continue.

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