Fracking will take Britain 'further in the wrong direction'

The Committee on Climate Change has today released a report which suggests that fracking could risk Britain breaching its climate change obligations. Caroline has responded to the report, calling its conclusions 'weak'.

The report states that 'Shale gas exploitation by fracking on a significant scale is not compatible with the UK’s climate change targets unless three key tests are met – on methane leaks, gas consumption and carbon budgets – according to new analysis from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).'

Caroline said:

"Despite its commitments in Paris last year, the UK government is already off course to meet its climate targets. Fracking would take the UK further in the wrong direction. The disappointingly weak conclusions from the Committee on Climate Change send a dangerous signal that is completely at odds with reality –  and even the contents of its own report. The regulatory framework is found wanting; a net increase in UK methane and carbon emissions looks almost certain; and the idea that the growth of a domestic fracking industry is compatible with our climate targets is left in tatters. The three tests set out by the Committee will never be met meanwhile the government considers this a green-light to plough on with its reckless policy of fracking at all costs.”


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