Diesel ban 'doesn't go nearly far enough'

Caroline has hailed a 'step forward' on air pollution as the Government announce a ban on dieself from 2040, but said their plan 'doesn't go nearly far enough'. 

Caroline is calling for ministers to invest in public transport, expand clean air zones and fund a diesel scrappage schem. 

Caroline said:

“This is a step forward from the Government – and follows years of campaigning on the issue from the Green Party and others.  We know that the fumes from cars and lorries are ending thousands of lives prematurely each year, and it's good to see the Government making this move which will protect people's health and boost a key industry of the future. Though a ban by 2040 is a welcome, it doesn’t go nearly far enough or fast enough. We also need action that tackles this health emergency in the coming months and years. Such action must include expanded clean air zones and a fully funded diesel scrappage scheme.

“It’s crucial that scrapping diesel doesn’t simply shift people into other types of car – instead we should use this opportunity to revamp out towns and cities with investment in walking and cycling, and by ensuring that public transport is affordable and reliable.”



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