I know many of you must be concerned about the case of corona virus in Brighton and Hove.  Everything I have heard locally, and from the public health minister, reassures me that it’s been sensitively and appropriately handled by our brilliant NHS staff.

The patient, who didn’t contract the virus in the UK, is now being cared for in a specialist isolation unit near London.  His family, who don’t have symptoms, are voluntarily spending time away from others to minimise any risk.


It’s easy to get swept up in a panic when something like this happens, and social media can fuel that.  The best place to find information is from NHS sources, like this one


What little information I have is that the patient was living in Hove, and the local MP Peter Kyle has written an open letter to his constituents which is on his website here.


Brighton and Hove is a wonderful community.  I know you will all look out for each other, as you always do.



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