Cold Homes Week

The Week is part of the biggest ever public campaign to end fuel poverty – the Energy Bill Revolution.
I've long been a supporter of the campaign which aims to use the proceeds from environmental taxes on business, which are due to add up to an average of £4 billion a year over the next 15 years, to invest in a massive energy efficiency campaign.
Recycling carbon revenue to make homes super-energy efficient could bring 9 out of 10 homes out of fuel poverty.
It could also be used to quadruple savings in carbon emissions compared to the Government’s new energy efficiency schemes and create up to 200,000 jobs.
It's a real win-win, and urgently needs Government backing.
Many of my constituents tell me about the huge burden that high energy bills place on already overstretched household budgets.
For example, one constituent wrote to me during the long cold stretch last winter describing how she went to bed in a scarf and hat each night, and had to cover windows with blankets to cut back on draughts.
High gas, oil and coal prices are of course a part of the problem.
However, it’s also a fact that UK homes are some of the most energy inefficient in Europe.
This means they cost much more than they should to heat and power, and they contribute to climate change too through high energy use.
In the case above, I worked with the constituent to approach her housing association over extra glazing and she’s noticed a huge difference already.
And, to mark Cold Homes Week, I visited the home of constituent Mrs Lynn Niblett (pictured above), who has been struggling to get cavity wall insulation.
She is hopeful now that the Green Energy Advice Team will be able to help her to do this for free, thanks to the Energy Company Obligation.
You can find more information about the Energy Company Obligation here:
Meanwhile, I'll continue to press the Government not only to freeze energy bills, but crucially to get behind the Energy Bill Revolution, so we can keep bills down - and cut carbon - in the long term too.
Image: Caroline with Mrs Lynn Niblett and grandson Stanley. Mrs Niblett is liaising with the Green Energy Advice Team to get her home properly insulated.

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