Caroline slams fracking announcement

Caroline has responded to a Government announcement of planned extra support for the fracking industry

Lucas, whose party opposes fracking, said that fracking is a 'redundant technology' that the Government is trying to 'shock back into life'.

She said:
"Britain's fracking experiment was on life support, and now the Government is trying its best to shock it back into life. The truth is that fracking is a redundant technology that would lock us into climate breakdown, carve up our countryside  and put the economy on the wrong track. If we're serious about building an economy fit for the future we need to reprogramme our energy system to one which harnesses the power of the sun, sea and wind - rather than throwing resources at this failed fracking experiment. 

"These latest measures utterly undermine the government's green rhetoric - and show that the Tories simply can't shake their support for fossil fuel firms."


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