Caroline responds to Florence speech

Caroline has responded to the Prime Minister’s Florence speech on Britain’s departure from the European Union.

She said:

“After days of speculation Theresa May’s speech was extremely underwhelming. Though she has finally started to face the fact the Britain will need to contribute to EU bill in order to unlock a decent trade deal, she still hasn’t been honest about how much we’ll need to pay. She should be less afraid of the hardliners in her own cabinet, and more truthful to the British people.

“When it comes to the transition period it is welcome news the Prime Minister finally has recognised this will be needed. But a cliff edge doesn’t become less treacherous because it’s two years away in the future.

“Continued membership of the single market and freedom of movement will be essential pillars of a successful transition and it’s good to see the Government acknowledge this – but the Prime Minister should have laid down a real plan for the long term protection of the rights of EU citizens in Britain, instead of simply offering warm words.

“The Prime Minister also, spectacularly, failed to give any more details about the kind of Brexit she’s leading us towards. The noises from some in the cabinet suggest we’ll be cast out into the Atlantic begging Trump for a trade deal, while more moderate ministers reject this economic catastrophe.

“Theresa May is, in theory at least, this country’s leader – yet like so many Tory Prime Ministers before her she’s hamstrung by a group of ministers with ambitions, all of whom put furthering their views on Europe above the national interest, while at least one seems far more intent on his own prime ministerial aspirations than with standing up for what’s best for Britain.”


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