Caroline on today's INEOS fracking announcement

On today’s announcement by Chemical firm Ineos of planned investment in shale gas exploration in the UK, Caroline said:  


“It won’t have escaped the public that the INEOS investment announced for shale gas exploration is roughly the same size as the UK’s entire contribution to the Green Climate Fund, also publicised today.


"The Green Climate Fund was set up to help developing countries cope with the devastating impacts of climate change that many are already facing. The Energy Secretary is right to emphasise the need to help poorer countries develop using clean renewable technologies.


"But it’s incoherent and irresponsible for the Government, at the same time, to be doing everything it can to build a new dirty fracking industry here in the UK.


"Ministers know that the vast majority of existing fossil fuels must stay in the ground, if we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.


"The Government’s pro-fracking policies, such as weakening the planning system and offering huge tax breaks to companies who want to drill for shale gas, completely undermine the Government’s claim to be playing its part in tackling climate change.


"This comes as new analysis suggests that solar power could be cheaper than gas in as little as four years’ time, yet Ministers are slashing support for large scale solar, despite the fact solar is the most popular energy technology.


"Fracking could also cause serious harm to our countryside, water and wildlife. People are understandably worried about risks to public health and their local environment, especially as the current regulatory framework is being designed to make life easier for fracking firms, rather than to protect the interests of local communities.


"Instead of courting dirty fracking companies, the UK should be doing everything it can to attract billions of pounds of investment into growing a home-grown, secure, renewable energy sector.”


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