Caroline Lucas: 'This isn't a concession, it's an ultimatum'

Caroline Lucas has slammed the Government for attempting to dupe MPs into thinking they've been offered a concession on a meaningful vote on a deal with the EU. 
She also accused the Labour Party of 'fawning in the face of Government spin.'
Caroline Lucas MP said: 
“MPs must not be duped by the Government’s attempt to quell unrest on their backbenches. The vote they’re offering – which will give MPs a choice between an extreme brexit and falling off a cliff edge into WTO trade rules – isn’t a concession, it’s an ultimatum. Parliament should have a real voice on the terms of brexit – not a symbolic handout from a Government trying to railroad their extreme brexit through the House of Commons.
“The Labour frontbenches’ premature celebration of this non-announcement was utterly misguided. In the few hours we have to analyse the Article 50 Bill it’s crucial that MPs are forensic, not fawning in the face of Government spin.”
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[1] Statement from Minister David Jones: 
"He's mentioned the fact the Government has made a commitment to a vote at the end of the procedure...We intend that the vote will cover not only the withdrawal arrangements but also the future relationship with the EU, furthermore I can confirm that the Government will bring forward a motion on the final agreement to be agreed by both Houses of Parliament before it's concluded and we expect and intend that this will happen before the European Parliament debates and votes on the final agreement."

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