Caroline Lucas: Result of tonight's vote a 'hammer blow' to fight against extreme Brexit

Caroline Lucas has reacted to Parliament's vote in favour of triggering Article 50. Lucas - whose party fought to keep Britain in the European Union - has pledged to continue her fight against an 'extreme Brexit'. 
Caroline Lucas said: 
“Tonight’s vote is a hammer blow for those of us trying to defend our communities against the dangers of an extreme Brexit. We’ve received no reassurances on environmental protections, EU nationals’ status here or the role of Parliament or the public in the post-referendum process.
“The Labour party has colluded with the Tories today. Despite not a single Labour amendment being accepted their leadership trooped through the lobbies with the Government, holding their hand as they lurch towards an extreme Brexit. I congratulate those Labour MPs like Clive Lewis who stood up for what’s right tonight – I know that their decision to defy the whip won’t have been taken lightly.
“The fight against an extreme Brexit does not stop here. In the coming weeks I will be scrutinising the Government’s negotiations and holding them to account at every stage. As the co-leader of a Party which stands for environmental, social and economic justice I will oppose all moves which threaten to turn this country into a tax haven or endanger our hard won rights. I will also continue to argue for EU nationals living here to be given a guarantee about their status. It is utterly immoral to use people's lives as bargaining chips - these are human lives not tradeable commodities.”

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