Caroline Lucas: MPs must work together to avoid dangers of a Tory Brexit

Caroline Lucas has responded to the Government's White Paper on Brexit. [1]
She said: 
“The Government’s White Paper does nothing to allay fears of the Tories leading us towards an extreme brexit. The Conservatives have morphed a narrow referendum result in favour of leaving the EU into an overwhelming mandate to depart from the world’s biggest trading zone, potentially wrecking our social and environmental protections along the way. It’s particularly astounding that there’s still no guarantee for EU nationals living here - the Government’s intransigence on this is unforgivable.
“It’s now down to MPs to work across party lines to amend this Bill and attempt to avoid the very real dangers of this Tory Brexit. As the co-leader of a party that stands for environmental, social and economic justice, I could not support a government offering no assurances to EU nationals living in Britain, threatening the funding of our public services, and planning to end our membership of the single market and customs union. In the coming weeks I’ll be standing up to this Government’s extreme Brexit plans at every stage – and doing all I can to protect our hard won environment and social protections.”
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