Caroline: Harrasment report is a 'blow to patriarchal politics'

Caroline has called the proposals of cross-party group on sexual harrasment a 'blow to patriarchal politics'. Lucas said that the report 'doesn't go as far' as she would have liked, but that it nonetheless represents a 'step change' for those fighting sexual harrasment and bullying in politics. 

Caroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green Party and member of the cross-party working group, said:
"This report is a blow to patriarchal politics, and represents a step change for those fighting sexual harassment and bullying in Westminster.
"I'm pleased that many of the policies I proposed have been adopted - and glad that the group largely overcame party politics to put forward a set of proposals that have the potential to bring about real change. 
"Though the report doesn’t go as far as I would have liked in some of areas, I’m proud of the extent to which we have signalled a zero tolerance approach to bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct. I would have liked to see compulsory consent training starting immediately - but to have it at all will make a difference. I would now like to see urgent action to implement the changes proposed by the report to ensure that the independence of every stage of the procedure is guaranteed. It should not be MPs themselves who hold the power over sanctions for improper conduct. 

"The priority now is getting the grievance procedure up and running fast, and for a helpline and face to face support services for complainants available within a few weeks."
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