Caroline: Government energy policy is a mess

Caroline , has responded to the Government's announcement on new nuclear. Ministers have said they will be pushing ahead with both large and small nuclear reactors. In an announcement today the Government has committed further resources to nuclear research, and in a consultation paper listed the proposed sites for larger nuclear power stations. 

The proposed sites are Sellafield, Sizewell, Bradwell, Oldbury, Hartlepooland Heysham. 

Caroline said:

"The Government's energy policy is a mess. Ministers are ploughing huge sums of money into supporting overpriced nuclear, while retaining a defacto ban on onshore wind and failing to give solar the support the sector needs. They're sending mixed messages to investors when we desperately need clarity to show that the Government is serious about creating a renewables-based low carbon Britain.

"This island nation should be producing its energy from cheaper, renewable clean sources - not diverting even more resources towards new nuclear which is both eye-wateringly expensive and far too slow to get online."

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