Caroline: David Cameron's refugee pledge falls 'pitifully' short of what's needed

Caroline Lucas MP said: 

“The Prime Minister’s announcement - which amounts to letting in just 12 Syrian refugees per day until May 2020 - is pitifully short of what's needed and of what British people want and expect.

“The UK should be taking more refugees – and doing so as quickly as possible. We have a moral responsibility to help those fleeing terror and persecution. The Prime Minister’s decision to let in so few refugees is deeply disappointing – and particularly feeble when compared to the numbers taken in by some of our European neighbours.

"Britain should be leading the way by welcoming substantially more refugees and by working with other EU countries to share responsibility for this crisis.

"Local councils like Brighton and Hove are willing to accept more people but, given that local authorities have faced such huge financial cuts, it’s vital that the Government fully funds them in doing so.

"This additional funding should not be drawn from the aid budget and should last more than just a year – thus ensuring that councils have the resources they need to welcome people to their communities.”

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