Caroline calls for independent inquiry into UK’s complicity in torture

Following the publication of the Intelligence and Security Committee’s reports into the torture of detainees, Caroline Lucas MP has called for a comprehensive and independent judge led inquiry into Britain’s involvement with extra-judicial torture and rendition.

Caroline said:

“These reports have taken 8 years to see the light of day and in that time there’s been damaging levels of secrecy and control by Government, including reported interference by the Trump administration. Despite their efforts, we now know more about the UK’s complicity in torture and rendition. However, a significant number of unanswered questions remain, including about cases that were deliberately excluded from the scope of the Committee’s inquiry.

“The whole truth still needs to come out, free from interference or censorship – and that can only be guaranteed by way of a comprehensive and independent judge led inquiry, building on the ISC’s findings and concluding its investigations. Today I am calling for such an inquiry. It is moral cowardice to continue to prevent all allegations of British involvement in rendition and detainee torture and mistreatment from being fully investigated – and it’s also no basis for an ethical and effective security policy going forward.”


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