Caroline: Boundary changes are 'wrongheaded'

Commenting on proposed constituency changes in Brighton and Hove, Caroline said: 

“While I strongly believe in equal constituency sizes – the proposals in this review for Brighton and Hove are plainly wrongheaded, and plans to reduce the number of MPs will damage, not enhance our democracy.

“In their current state these proposals would merge the heart of Brighton with Hove, places with quite different identities. The proposals would also leave an entire Brighton Constituency without a seafront at all – clearly taking away one of the defining characters of the area. The idea that any Brightonian’s constituency will be separated from the sea shows a real lack of understanding of our city.”

“These proposals are also based on inaccurate data from 2015 – rather than reflecting the huge changes to the electoral roll that have taken place this year. In Brighton & Hove we have a particularly high population of students and young people, so to base our constituency boundaries on this old data is profoundly undemocratic.”


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