Brighton MP first to sign pledge to end animal testing for cosmetics

Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion, has signed up the international petition for a global ban on the use of animals to test cosmetics at The Body Shop in Brighton (1).

The global pledge to ban animal testing for cosmetics was launched by Cruelty Free International last week at over 300 The Body Shop stores in the UK.

It will roll out over the coming weeks in 65 countries across the world - and is the largest and most ambitious campaign ever to seek a global ban on the use of animals to test cosmetics.

There is no worldwide ban on animal testing for cosmetics: despite progress with some countries and companies, over 80% of the world still allows animals to be used in cruel experiments.

Caroline, who is the first MP to sign the pledge, said:

"I'm delighted to be the first MP to sign the Cruelty Free International pledge and call on Governments around the world to ban the testing of cosmetics on animals.

"Given the history which the Body Shop has in Brighton, I know many of my constituents will want to join me in signing the pledge and support Cruelty Free International in their campaign to end this cruel and unnecessary practice."

Michelle Thew, Chief Executive Officer of Cruelty Free International said:

"I am so pleased that Caroline is supporting our efforts to tell the world about the continued cruelty to animals for cosmetics.

"Please add your voice by signing the Cruelty Free International pledge to ban the cruel use of animals to test cosmetics."


Notes for Editors

1) The first The Body Shop store was opened in Brighton 1976, and is well known for campaigning against animal testing.

2) Cruelty Free International, the first organisation and global campaign dedicated to ending cosmetics testing on animals throughout the world, was launched on March 17th with the support of Ricky Gervais, Ambassador of the organisation.

Established by the BUAV, one of the world's longest standing and most respected animal protection organisations, Cruelty Free International works with governments, regulators, companies and partner organisations worldwide.

It is placing the issue of animal testing on the agenda of many governments for the very first time as part of a global strategy to tackle cosmetics testing on animals.

 Caroline signs Body Shop cruelty free pledge

Photo credit: Brighton Togs

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