Letter to the Secretary of State for Justice about Cuts to Legal Aid and Support to Barristers

Secretary of State for Justice

Dominic Raab MP

Dear Dominic,

I should be grateful for your response to the message I have received below from my constituent setting out his concerns about legal aid cuts, access to justice, and his support for the barristers in their dispute with the MoJ.

I share my constituent's concerns and support the lawyers' proposed action. The exodus of lawyers from the profession is gravely concerning and is not something Ministers can continue to ignore. I know the lawyers have repeatedly tried to engage with you over the unsustainable state of the legal aid system and that they do not propose this action lightly.

Legal Aid has a vital role to play in helping deliver justice for all. It has been dangerously eroded in the last decade. I see the terrible impact of this in my constituency casework, especially in cases involving some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. 

I sincerely hope that you will engage with the lawyers' representatives, listen to them, and take the positive steps needed to remunerate barristers fairly.  Urgent leadership is required to resolve this serious situation, restore stability, and equal access to our criminal justice system.

Best wishes, Caroline

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