Patcham & Hollingbury

We're proud of the Patcham & Hollingbury area - from the nationally leading health education programme at Patcham High to the broadband access Caroline fought for at Patcham Library.

The winning Eco-team at Patcham High School


The Patcham & Hollingbury ward is the most northerly part of Brighton and starts at the top of Braybon Avenue and Withdean Park and is bordered by Hollingbury golf course on the east and the A23 to the west. It stretches all the way north past the A27 to the fringes of the South Downs National Park.

Whether you're sat on the 5B bus, walking the dog on the downs, taking the kids to school, commuting to London or heading over to Falmer to support the Seagulls' latest match, Caroline is interested in what matters to you.

She's been campaigning for fairer bus and train fares and a better deal for pensioners. For schools to stay accountable to local familes and for supported teachers.

Caroline is standing up for Patcham & Hollingbury

Caroline has been campaigning for broadband at the local library

  • Patcham High School leading the way
  • Patcham High School's has one of the best health education programmes in the country and Caroline's asked the Government to use it as a national model for teaching
  • Ending animal cruelty
  • A huge number of Patcham residents have backed her opposition to the inhumane badger cull
  • Shared responsibility for travellers
  • Called on the Government to make all local councils provide enough sites for travellers, countrywide, so that the responsibility of providing traveller sites is shared more equally 

"So many members of your Brighton constituency are genuinely proud to have you as our MP because of the sincere way in which you go about things" 
Chris Callard