On Thursday we have a chance to change Parliament and the country for good

On Thursday, we have a once-in-a-generation chance to change Parliament for good.

More than anything our Parliament needs reform and renewal.

The current system has failed us, culminating in a rotten Parliament, mired in scandal and disillusionment.

We have a Parliamentary system of government in the UK, not a Presidential one, and yet we have seen successive Prime Ministers riding roughshod over Parliament and the expressed will of the people, even to the extent that a Labour Prime Minister has led our country into an illegal war on a dossier of lies.

If you elect Labour and Conservative MPs, they will look to perpetuate the unfair voting systems that have enabled them to stitch up power between them for the past 65 years, forming majority governments on small minorities of the vote, and arrogantly assuming a Divine Right to rule.

And don't be fooled by Labour's deathbed commitment to hold a referendum on the AV voting system.

They've chosen to offer that method because it would be even less proportional and would suit them even better!

In Brighton Pavilion constituency, the Greens offer you your best possible chance of electing a reform-minded MP.

The Labour vote is collapsing here and they are still trailing third in some national polls.

The LibDems are trailing a distant fourth in Brighton - so a vote for them, rather than Green, makes a Tory or Labour victory more likely, and could end the chance of reform for another generation.

We need reform of the electoral system and a clean-up of Parliament.

But we need to elect MPs who will change Parliament for good now.

We need voices of dissent in Parliament - not ‘Yes- men' (and women) who are ‘on-message' the whole time and controlled by party whips.

We need voices that are prepared to challenge and question.

We need voices that believe that change is possible.

We need voices that are different.

BRIGHTON IS DIFFERENT - so this Thursday, dare to be different - and on Friday morning wake up to tell the rest of Britain that, together, we have led the way in being different and that BRIGHTON IS GREEN.



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