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If Theresa May wants more equality, she needs to ensure a strong Equality & Human Rights Commission

Two weeks ago, when launching her campaign to become leader of the Conservatives, Theresa May, now installed as prime minister, set out her vision of “a country that truly works for everyone”. Sounding more like Ed Miliband than her predecessor David Cameron, Mrs May noted that

Trident vote is a defining moment for Britain, says Caroline

Caroline: ‘Anti-Trident MPs should be stepping up and making the case against these weapons of mass destruction’      

Caroline Lucas is urging MPs to vote against replacing Britain’s multibillion pound nuclear missile system on Monday. Lucas – who took over her role with the CND from Jeremy Corbyn – is urging Labour in particular to make a stand against Trident renewal at a time when public finances are extremely stretched.

Caroline said: 

Caroline urges May and Greening to make PSHE Statutory

Caroline has written to the new Prime Minister and Education Secretary urging them to make PSHE statutory ‘without delay’.

Lucas, who recently re-tabled her PSHE Bill, is a longstanding advocate of statutory PSHE. Both Justine Greening and Theresa May are reported to back making the subject compulsory. [1]

In a letter to the Prime Minister and Education Secretary Caroline said:

Caroline responds to 'damning' Chilcot Inquiry

Caroline has responded to the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry. 

She said: 

“Chilcot’s report is damning for Blair, his cabinet and all those MPs who voted to take this country into an illegal and immoral war in Iraq. Iraqis continue to pay the price for an invasion that took place long before other options for a peaceful resolution were explored.  

My Speech to the biggest demonstration in British History

On February 15th 2003 I took part in the largest demonstration in British History. I was an MEP at the time. Up to one million people marched through the streets of London demanding that the Government step back from the brink and refrain from bombing Iraq.

This morning Sir John Chilcot publishes his report into the Iraq War. I've been granted early access to read his findings and i'll be commenting on his conclusions later today.

Farage was frontman for 'biggest Establishment stitch-up in a generation'

Caroline has called Nigel Farage's legacy 'toxic and unforgivable' after the UKIP leader stepped down. 

She said:

“Farage’s legacy is toxic and unforgivable. He has used his position to whip up hatred against migrants and divert attention from the real challenges this country is facing. During the referendum campaign he did the unimaginable by sinking to new lows. He will be remembered for that disgusting poster, and for using the suffering of refugees for his own political gain.

Corporation tax cut a 'bribe to big business'

Caroline has accused the Government of trying to 'bribe big business' with a planned cut in Corporation Tax

She noted that Britain already has one of the lowest corporation tax rates in the developed world [1] and she warned against the Government using Brexit as cover for turning 'Britain into a tax haven for corporations'.

Caroline said:


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