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Lancashire rejects fracking: Caroline responds

Caroline has responded to the news that Lancashire County Council refuses planning application for fracking at site in Little Plumpton. [1]

Caroline labelled the decision a 'fantastic victory' in spite of Government efforts to 'force through fracking'. 

She said:

“This is a fantastic victory for the people of Lancashire, and the campaigners who have fought so hard to increase awareness of the dangers of fracking.

“Today’s decision proves that, in spite of all the Government’s efforts to force through fracking, local communities can prevent it from going ahead.

We must act to save music venues

Caroline has written to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport urging a change in the law which would protect music venues in Brighton and Hove. [1]

Caroline, who signed the letter in her capacity as a member of the Performers All Party Group in Parliament, is calling on the Government to protect pre-existing venues from being closed down because of complaints from residents in newly built accommodation. [2]


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