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Caroline: Harrasment report is a 'blow to patriarchal politics'

Caroline has called the proposals of cross-party group on sexual harrasment a 'blow to patriarchal politics'. Lucas said that the report 'doesn't go as far' as she would have liked, but that it nonetheless represents a 'step change' for those fighting sexual harrasment and bullying in politics. 

Caroline slams 'brass neck Boris' over NHS Intervention

Caroline has slammed 'brass neck Boris' for his stance on the NHS, calling his intervention 'self-aggrandising of the worst kind' and pointed to his role in damaging the NHS.

Caroline said:

"It seems that brass neck Boris has struck again. Not only does this brexiteer-in-chief keep repeating lies about mythical savings from leaving the EU, but now he's trying to position himself as a saviour of the NHS after his party's extreme brexit stance has caused EU nurses to leave the UK in droves.

Caroline: Behind the Government's green veneer we see continued failure on green energy

Caroline has responded to damning stats which show that investment in clean energy plunged by more in Britain than in any other country last year because of government policy changes. 

Caroline responds to Balcombe test drilling

Caroline has responded to news that Cauadrilla has been given the go-ahead to explore for oil near a West Sussex village that was the site of the UK’s biggest anti-fracking protests.

The approval came as another shale company said it was planning a legal challenge against Scotland’s fracking ban.

Caroline Said:

Caroline: Government approach to sale of GIB is 'shocking'

Caroline has responded to a report on the sale of the Green Investment Bank by the National Audit Office. The NAO report has found that the Government's approach to the sale caused uncertainty for staff, and potentially lost the Treasury money. 

Caroline said: 

Caroline hails 'success' as Government unveils animal sentience law

Caroline has responded as the government announce a new law to ensure animal abusers are jailed for up to 5 years and animal sentience is reflected in domestic law. 

The draft bill sets out that the government “must have regard to the welfare needs of animals as sentient beings in formulating and implementing government policy”. 

The announcement comes after Government ministers first insisted that animal sentience was covered in UK law, before admitting that such claims weren't correct. 


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