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My thoughts are with all those affected by this virus and with residents across the city who are feeling understandably worried and scared.  I think that clear, regular and accurate information is vital and this has been the focus of the actions I have taken to date.


Many of you will have heard that there have been further cases of coronavirus in the city.  I’m doing everything I can to put pressure on the authorities to be more open about the information they give to people.  Public Health England is following up all those who may have been in contact with the confirmed cases, and the local NHS has given very clear advice on how to minimise the very small risk of catching the virus – you can find it 


I know many will be concerned about the new cases of coronavirus that have been confirmed in the city today.  Five out of the eight current confirmed cases in the UK were reported in Brighton and Hove - all five of them are adults.


I know many of you must be concerned about the case of corona virus in Brighton and Hove.  Everything I have heard locally, and from the public health minister, reassures me that it’s been sensitively and appropriately handled by our brilliant NHS staff.

The patient, who didn’t contract the virus in the UK, is now being cared for in a specialist isolation unit near London.  His family, who don’t have symptoms, are voluntarily spending time away from others to minimise any risk.


We have a homelessness crisis. And young people are especially at risk with 103,000 across the country homeless or at risk of being so in 2017-18. 

With the acute shortage of social housing, young people are forced into the private rented sector. But rents are soaring.  And the housing benefit for under 25s is capped at a level much lower than the rent they’d have to pay. 


This will be the last newsletter from me with Britain a member of the EU.  It feels very strange and slightly unreal to write that, and our departure from an organisation where I served for ten years as an MEP is heart-breaking.  But there are many challenges ahead of us, in particular the climate emergency, and the battle to stand up for the social and environmental standards that have been fought for by so many.

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