Going the extra mile for a Living Wage

And now he’s cycling another 1,000. This time it’s across the UK, and he’ll do the whole thing while living on just £7.65 a day – to raise awareness and funds for the fantastic Living Wage Foundation.
Making a difference
Julian Sayarer used to live in Brighton, and came back to the city on Monday to launch his book Life Cycles at the Velo café.  The book charts his record-breaking journey, and it was brilliant to get his take on the world by bike - the sights he rode by and people he met over those months.
During his cycling book tour of England, he hopes to raise £10,000 to support the work of the Living Wage Foundation and, between readings, he’ll be visiting accredited Living Wage Employers.
Julian’s is an incredibly inspiring story and his sheer commitment to the Living Wage cause is wonderful. He brilliantly demonstrates the difference one person can make by standing up, speaking out and going the extra mile (or 18,000!)
Road less travelled
Julian said: “Work should be the surest way out of poverty, and people have a right to expect that years of hard work should allow them to move forward in life, not just keep treading water on low incomes.
“Riding a bicycle across whole countries was a different approach to travel, the Living Wage is a different approach to work. I cycled around the world, and whether it’s the USA or China you find good people working hard only to stay poor. It’s not the way things should be.”
I completely agree – it’s not the way things should be. And I’m immensely proud of the overwhelming support employers in Brighton and Hove have shown for the Living Wage Campaign. The city is, increasingly, a real hub for enterprise - creative, dynamic and innovative. And it’s showing that, even in a time of economic hardship, it’s possible retain a competitive edge while promoting fairness.
It was fantastic to see Julian come back to his old home city to promote that same message – that everyone should be paid enough to cover the cost of living.

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