Gaza: pressure on the PM is mounting

"Baroness Warsi today demonstrated the courage of her convictions, and her stance is to be welcomed.  The pressure on David Cameron to stand up and speak out on Israel’s wholly disproportionate assault of Gaza is rising – both from the public and from his own Party.
"But speaking out is not enough.  The Prime Minister must now take his lead from those who, like Baroness Warsi and Alex Salmond – are prepared to take the necessary stand to ensure the UK is not complicit in the killing of civilians through its continued arming of Israel.
"He must take a stand, implement an immediate arms embargo against Israel and call for those who have breached international human rights standards to be held fully accountable.
"To do otherwise, as Baroness Warsi rightly says, is morally indefensible."
You can find out more about Caroline's position on the crisis by clicking here.

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