Concerns grow over brutal repression in Syria

This week we have seen more brutal repression of Syrian democracy activists, especially in the city of Homs.

I asked the Foreign Secretary whether he had any plans to expel the Syrian ambassador, as has been called for by the Syrian National Council and Tunisia, the first country to be liberated from a despot in the Arab spring.

Such a move would de-recognise the murderous and criminal Assad regime, and a number of Arab countries are now following Tunisia's lead.

You can read the Foreign Secretary's response to my question here.

Sanctions will also play an important role in putting pressure on the regime, although it's crucial to ensure they do not make things worse for the civilian population whose daily lives have been deeply deteriorating over recent months.

And I very much hope that the UK will do its best to encourage the setting up of humanitarian corridors at the Syrian-Turkish borders, with a view to protecting Syrian refugees and anyone fleeing the country to escape the ongoing military repression.


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