Caroline on the Infrastructure Bill vote



Please find below a statement from Caroline Lucas MP in response to this evening's Infrastructure Bill debate.

Caroline said: “Today’s debate was farcical – so little time was given that we weren’t even able to bring the trespass amendment to vote. That amendment sought to prevent fracking companies being awarded sweeping new powers to frack beneath your home without your consent – a move opposed by 99% of respondents to the Government’s own consultation. It was backed in a petition by 360,000 people. When it came to a freeze on fracking, Labour abstained. Instead they served up their own superficial tweaks, lacking in detail and riddled with loopholes. Additional provisions, accepted by Government, to rule out fracking in the South Downs, other protected areas and groundwater protection zones, are welcome and a sign that public pressure is forcing politicians to listen.   The strength of public feeling on this issue is palpable – and I think it’s intensified still further in the face of the astonishing lack of transparency, lack of accountability and lack of regard for the views of voters. People won’t be silenced on this.”

She added: “In the run up to the crucial Paris climate talks later this year, the pressure to ditch plans for fracking and instead invest in clean home-grown renewable energy will continue to grow.”




Caroline is a member of the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), Co-Chair of the All-Party Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency Group, and Parliamentary Champion of the Energy Bill Revolution campaign.

Caroline wrote on today’s EAC report and the Infrastructure Bill debate for the Huffington Post – you can find the piece here.



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