Caroline Lucas calls for support of 10:10 pledge

Caroline Lucas, Green Party leader and candidate for Brighton Pavilion, has called on all members of the Green Party to support the 10:10 pledge. By signing up to 10:10, you pledge that yourself, or your organisation, will cut 10% of your emissions in 2010.

Lucas said: "I would encourage all Green Party members to commit to this - bearing in mind that most Greens will have been striving to reduce their carbon footprints anyway, in some cases for decades, and for many people the next steps towards for example carbon-neutral housing would need to be facilitated by a package of government grants, subsidies and feed-in tariffs."

Lucas also sent the following letter to the Guardian, published on the 2nd of September:

"Congratulations to everyone involved in launching the 10:10 initiative, which looks set to become one of the biggest ever civil society campaigns between now and the Copenhagen climate change summit in December (‘Public figures and business sign up to climate drive', 01 September). Given that the Copenhagen talks seem currently unlikely to yield cuts of sufficient ambition to prevent the worst of climate change, it's crucial that we step up the pressure on the key decision makers in the coming months."

"That means we need ever more grassroots mobilisation like that embodied in 10:10. But commitment and engagement at the civil society level must be matched with real political will in Parliament to ensure a policy framework is urgently put in place to make ambitious carbon reduction an overwhelming objective of every government department."

"The Green Party has long demanded a firm commitment to year-on-year targets for cuts in emissions, to prevent politicians from making a "NIMTO" response (Not In My Term of Office) - in other words, setting targets and timetables so far in advance that they avoid having to take serious action now. When I spoke at Climate Camp in London on Saturday, it was clear that the determination of civil society to tackle climate change head on is stronger then ever. What we need now are the right politicians to ensure that the positive changes we are calling for truly materialise."

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